07 12/09

Ready Steady Go! Reviews

The reviews keep coming in. Here is a great little review from AppShouter.com

“Are you ready? that’s the name of the game with this very addictive game by Dean Frampton. Released for a little over a week, I suspect that this game will be in the Top 25 in the weeks to come. It is fun, challenging and like I previously said, addictive.

It is a game of concentration, skill and it’s highly addictive nature keeps you coming back to beat those levels. Download this app now but make sure you are ready, steady to go!”

Full review available here.

From the iPhonewzealand review:

“I remember playing old buzz wire games when I was young (does that make me old?) – they required a steady hand and nerves of steel. The idea is simple: you have a length of wire twisted into various shapes, and a wand with a circular eye that must pass along the wire circuit without the sides of the eye touching the wire. If the sides touch, a circuit is created and a buzzer sounds, and you must start again.

Unbelievably, despite the plethora of traditional games that have been recreated on the app store, performing a quick search of the term ‘buzz wire’ only brings up one other app, so we have here a pretty original idea and one that, if done well, could be very popular.”

Check out the full review here.